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The world of Body Art from Disha’s eyes


World of Body Art

Posted by Disha Singh on February 23, 2023
Picture from TatooTon

Oh my gosh! Over two decades I have seen huge transformation of the body art industry. In India too earlier there were very less tattoo palors and people did not had easy access to good tattoo artists… Now things are different.

I still remember I knew very few tattoo palors names that period of time Cheeky Monkey (Delhi), then DevilzTattoo (Delhi) and Kraayonz Tattoo (Mumbai). Now, not only India but world has got great emerging artists.

I am excited to dive back into the world of body art and increase my knowledge to gratify my keenness.

Before, I end this blog I wanna give a tip to those who are looking to get a less painful tattoo – you can get etched on your wrist. My personal choice.

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