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A True Graphic Designer Tattoo

Posted by Disha Singh on January 22, 2008

Square tattoo on forearm

We are always in a search of a tattoo, which reflects at least some portion of our personality or has some significance in our life. Ragnar Freyr got this square tattoo inked at Eternal Tattos in Clawson, Michigan. It was his first tattoo.

He said, “Being a graphic designer I work a lot with squares and as a modernism enthusiast I just had to get one.”

For him, “It’s also a great conversation starter.” And he explained it further by saying, “at one party a girl asked me if it was a real tattoo. I said yes and she replied: “That’s soooo weeiiird!”

He was mocked at when he asked the guys at tattoo parlor for a simple filled square on his forearm. However, he is satisfied and loves his cool tattoo!

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  1. pooja Said,

    This is somthing i have nvr heard before…..cool eh ! 😉

  2. blog » Blog Archive » Tattoo Said,

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  3. web design company Said,

    Suppose your site get a lot of traffic since the design is so nice. Can you tell me who designed your site? Thanks in advance.

  4. Benjamin Said,

    I have a rectangle almost in the exact same place, and I get stuff all the time. “What’s that on your arm?” Blah blah blah. I love it though.

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