Piercings and Tattoos


Under Training Foot Tattoo- Not Bad!

Posted by Disha Singh on February 25, 2009

Wow! a Graphic & Web Designer, turns to be a tattooist. Todd Dumas thinking to do something different has starting practicing tattooing on himself and here is one of his efforts. The first tattoo by him on himself is very different which was he made just to create it. He says, “I am attempting to teach myself the art of tattooing. Right now, I am just doing some "freestyle" experiments with lines, colors and shading. As I get farther along (and more skilled), this will turn into a neo-tribal, abstract piece. This represents about 5 different 20-minute sessions. This tattoo is damn embarrassing in its current state. The lines are shaky and the shading is terrible.” However, he agrees to the fact that most new tattoo artists practice on themselves, and mistakes are expected. Though most new tattoo artists have spent a great deal of time in tattoo shops. He thinks that a lot can be learned from just being in the environment and getting work done. Before this, he only had

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Cute yet Funny Tattoo

Posted by Disha Singh on October 12, 2008

You might have come across many funny tattoo designs which would have surely made you laugh at the mind of the tattoo wearer and amazed at creation of the artist. Same way I was amazed at the creation of this cute donkey by Pepa Heller of Bohemian Tattoo Arts, and wonder what would have been the inspiration behind the tattoo? Anyways, it did bring a smile to my face. Hope the same for you.

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Custom Freehand Tattoo

Posted by Disha Singh on October 11, 2008

Pepa Heller of Bohemian Tattoo Arts, a professional tattooist since 1996, inked this cool bohemian tattoo on the arm of Adam. A peacock shape is very nicely fused in the black ink tattoo with a mixed design of tribal tattoo.

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