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Scribble or Scientific Tattoo?

Posted by Disha Singh on December 15, 2007

Scribble or Scientific Tattoo

Sometimes some tattoos leave a mark in your mind and I guess this will be one among them. However, there are three different tattoo designs among which one is something like wavelength and others put my doors open yet to recognize.

Rytch owner and a nine year experienced tattoo artist of Sith Tattoo, Norfolk, has inked this tattoo on the neck of this gal.

If you know what is on her neck, it’ll be of great help. This is a cry for knowledge which you can share by leaving a comment!

  1. Nobody Said,


    just wanted to share with you my opinion, perhaps it can be helpful.
    I am sure these are Sigils, the one in the right is an angelic sigil, the one in middle is alphabet sigil and the one in left is angelic again.
    sigils are drawn on heavenly talismanic tablets, or received in time of trance or deep meditation or dream. working with sigil, or sigilic magick is not modern at all, it is as old as magick itself and sigils are part of any tradition of sorcery and witchcraft may it be angelic or demonic.
    in new-age movement there is a practice of making sigil of your desire and wish, it is very simple and all the new-ages kids use it, A.O.Spare was one of the early re-inventors of modern sigil magick that Chaos Magickians use.
    you write your sentence of desire in present tence, for example:
    “I have a good sense of humor”
    then you remove the letters that used more than once
    and then in any creative way you combine the letters together and make a symbol out of it.
    the symbol of you desire helps you to achieve your desire sub-consciously which considered more effective and stronger than when one tries to do it with mind/brain.
    this method is one of the branches of Chaos Magick.
    check out this pages as sample.
    I was going to write at the end of this letter that “I don’t recommend to investigate on her sigils for the person has a private relationship with his/her sigils and it is not a matter scrutiny” but the left right one on her nick revealed itself to me while I was going to find a good link for you, look at the first one from left from Levi’s “Transcendental Magic.” (the secondlink)
    it is very interesting that she did it on back of her neck couldn’t be any better place for sigils should not be much at the sight of its operator, that is almost the only place one can’t easily take a look at.
    “Sometimes some tattoos leave a mark in your mind and I guess this will be one among them” that is exactly what this one supposed to do.

    All the best.

    P.S. perhaps it will be much more appropriate to edit the title from “Scribble or Scientific Tattoo?” to “Sigil Tattoo” and if you still have interest in knowing more of this occult science read the article at this page:

  2. Disha Singh Said,

    @ Nobody

    Thankx for the information.

  3. Melville Said,

    I am not sure about the side tattoos, but the middle one is the seal of the archangel Gabriel. The symbol is on its side though, compare to these illustrations taken from famous occult texts: http://kimbasangels.com/sigil.html

  4. Nobody Said,

    Hi again 🙂

    It seems about.com constantly changes its links, so the link above to sigils are useless now and I wanted to update with a new one;
    The one on the right is Sigil of the Spirit/Intelligence of Moon you can see here too;

    And that is the sigil on the right, thank you Melville for sharing your data, that’s it, Sigil of Gabriel, while at first I though it’s a self-created Sigil of Desire.

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