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Careful…Tongue piercing can take your Life!

Posted by Disha Singh on November 25, 2007

Tongue Piercing
(Photo: Piercinghelp.com)
Yes, it’s true tongue piercing can at times be so dangerous to lead to you to your death-bed as it happened to Kate Donovan, 20, who died at a Boston hospital on Monday. She died of viral meningitis after getting an infection from a tongue piercing. (Source)

She developed an infection in the pierced tongue and even antibiotics did’nt seem to help, thus leading to severe headaches. She was hospitalized but unfortunately lost her life.

Tongue piercing is a very common trend and apart from being a fashion statement it provides more pleasurable oral sex. The piercing increase sexual stimulation, during fondling females tend to get the most benefits with a tongue ring as the ball of the ring can directly stimulate the clitoris and in males the ball acts as a massage for the movable skin on the shaft of their genital.

There are many types of the tongue piercings like surface tongue piercing, tongue web piercing done through the webbing under the tongue and tongue rim piercing which is on the outer edge of the tongue.

Tongue Piercing Side Effects
In some cases it is not that risky and gets healed in about a month with proper aftercare by rinsing the tongue regularly with salt water or mouthwash.

Bacterial infections and meningitis can be a complication from tongue piercing however, meningitis is not contagious. Meningitis is an infection of the tissue that surrounds the brain and spinal cord. It’s prominent symptoms may appear suddenly and include fever, severe and constant headache, stiff neck or neck pain, nausea and vomiting and rash. It is believed that the bacteria commonly found in the mouth and saliva possibly enter the bloodstream through the hole punched into the tongue thus leading to the firestorm of infection.

In addition to risk of infection, Hepatitis C and tetanus, the Journal of the American Association finds that tongue piercing can lead to trigeminal neuralgia, also known as the “suicide disease,” which results in facial pain resembling electrical shocks.

Here, I’m not scaring you from getting your tongue pierced but a serious recommendation – visit a professional and experienced person for it!

  1. Kart Said,

    Frankly speaking I never find tongue piercing sensual. Its crap. Risking ur life for a body art. I never fould it worth. 😐
    well but of course der so many freaks those who love to experement with there body.


  2. Careful…Tongue piercing can take your Life! « Online Body Piercing Jewellery Blog Said,

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  3. Klaskah Said,

    This picture is bullshit. Whatever piercer is doing this is a tard. YOU NEVER EVER EVER EVVVVVVER go from the top on a tongue piercing. Otherwise, you’re blindsided and you can’t see the major bloodvessels.

  4. tongue piercing Said,

    girls eith tongue piercing very sexy! and its not dangerous..

  5. Kristinesque Said,

    What country is this site based in? A lot of the english in it is really bad. What happened?

  6. Mike Said,

    Hey Kart, do you have any piercings to back up calling people freaks who happen to experiment with their bodies? Enough said as I bet you don’t.

    The only way to get badly affected by piercings is going to a bad piercist (which is rarely the problem) or by doing bad aftercare because the tongue has major blood vessels in an area commonly frequented by bacteria, given that this is usually a case of just brushing your teeth as normal when possible and using a mouthwash, it’s hardly difficult.

  7. larr Said,

    ijust pierced my tongue for the second time two days ago. i pulledthe first one bcuz it wasnt straight enough and developed a soft bump. i found out later the bump just developed to protect my tongue where it was irritated and would have gone away in a week. the second time around was alot easier. the soreness is still the same. keep aking advil, rincing with sea salt/warm water mix. i love it. when i was sixteen in 1985, i pierced my ears 7 times myself. did a couple of friends ears as well. got my first tattoo in 1989 on my right arm. practically no girls did it back then. took 15 min to talk the guy into doing it. i would b sleeved out by now if i hadnt caught soo much flack over the years after. now its a regular thing for more than 50% of people. got my second on my left shoulder marc 2008 and my third jan 2009.
    all i can say is I LOVE IT!!!!!
    TATS R ADDICTIVE and everyone should go slow (but faster than i did. its more acceptible now). i used to b told o cover it and not wear translucent sleeved shirts.
    well scr#w them. have fun!

  8. Kayli Said,

    Guys I know SOME of you are not trying to say this but if I want to get my tounge pirced I’m not trowing my life away 👿 And by the way I want to 🙄

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