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Meet Tattoo Industry’s Grandma at Art N Body

Posted by Disha Singh on February 29, 2008

The big grandmother of tattoo industry Shanghai Kate Hellenbrand has joined hands with Art N Body, Williamsville, NY. It is a one stop to ensure your choice of body art as well as clothings from various eminent brands like Ed Hardy, Sailor Jerry, Suicide Girls, Affliction and Black Market and more. Kate has been tattooing since 1971 in all styles whether custom or classic. She has worked with Sailor Jerry Collins of Hawaii, Don Ed Hardy, Jack Rudy, Bill Funk and many others. Very soon you'll see her personal clothing line hitting the store. Know more about her new apprentice, Art N Body, from the following interview. Disha Singh: Can you take me through the evolution of Art N Body? Shanghai Kate: Art N Body was conceived in the Buffalo region to give the public a new and better idea about tattooing. As tattooing becomes more mainstream, we felt there was a need to satisfy more mainstream clients who were not satisfied with the options they had in the past. Tattoo Shops

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A True Graphic Designer Tattoo

Posted by Disha Singh on January 22, 2008

We are always in a search of a tattoo, which reflects at least some portion of our personality or has some significance in our life. Ragnar Freyr got this square tattoo inked at Eternal Tattos in Clawson, Michigan. It was his first tattoo. He said, "Being a graphic designer I work a lot with squares and as a modernism enthusiast I just had to get one." For him, "It's also a great conversation starter." And he explained it further by saying, "at one party a girl asked me if it was a real tattoo. I said yes and she replied: "That's soooo weeiiird!" He was mocked at when he asked the guys at tattoo parlor for a simple filled square on his forearm. However, he is satisfied and loves his cool tattoo!

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A look at Manic Tattoo Studio

Posted by Disha Singh on January 11, 2008

Manic Tattoo Studio is owned and operated by tattoo artist Chris Oppenheim. There are other artists also available here to provide you with their services. You can etch as well as poke yourself at Manic. Chris has been tattooing since three and a half years. When we asked him to throw some light on the Manic Tattoo Studio he replied: "Manic tattoo is a relaxing, clean environment with flat screen tv’s, digital portfolios, and thousands of designs to choose from. Manic also has quality merchandise and specializes in body piercings. Manic tattoos is located at 2821 Churchville road in Churchville Maryland. Chris and the artists at manic will design any custom piece and portraits are also available." You can have a look at a few more Tattoo works of Chris Oppenheim of Manic Tattoos at our gallery or you can click here.

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