Piercings and Tattoos


Scarification: What’s your Lucky Number?

Posted by Disha Singh on July 26, 2008

Every soul has different way to wear their lucky number. Some wear it in shape of locket, tattoo and some in new trend of scarification. Scarification also called “Body Carving” or “Skin Peeling” or “Skinning”, is a trend of peeling skin from your body to give a particular design in shape of scar. I found this number “5” scarification on myspace profile of Eric Lopez, Barcelona, Spain.

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Body Craving to replace Tattoos?

Posted by Disha Singh on October 28, 2007

These days, more and more individuals are deciding to do something different by leaving a permanent mark - on their own skin. Scarification is one of the best examples of permanent art but different from tattoos. Scarification is of numerous types and I'm here to talk about "Body Carving" or "Skin Peeling" or "Skinning" - all different names of the art of Skin Removal. As depicted from the name it a process of skin removal giving yourself an euphoria of pain. A step-by-step procedure is followed to remove the skin: 1. Area of the skin where the skinning is to be performed is properly cleaned. 2. The design is stenciled on the skin. 3. The design is outlined like a single cutting scarification until reaching the right depth and width. 4. Then the artist begins removing skin slices with the help of a Kocher forceps or dissection clamp. The tissue to be removed is pulled back while "slicing" on the bottom to free the skin from beneath. Here, in the picture you'll s

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