Piercings and Tattoos


Fake Taping is Killing Music Business

Posted by Disha Singh on May 10, 2009

Tattoos are somewhere best way to express your mind…. and here in this tattoo Lionel tries to say no to pirated cassettes. We can see a pirated cassette on the cleavage of the lady reading “FAKE”. May be the tattoo is a rejection to Home taping business!

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Black and Red Backpiece Tattoo

Posted by Disha Singh on December 16, 2008

Lionel these days enjoying his life in Canada recently inked this tattoo in Montreal, Canada, last month.

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Interview with Great Tattooist – Lionel

Posted by Disha Singh on April 4, 2008

(Lionel at Work) Please welcome the great tattoo artist from France – LIONEL. As you cannot hold sand in your hand similarly the free tattoo artist cannot be seen tied in the chains of a tattoo studio. He keeps touring and you can find his availability list on his website. His tattoos are his reflection, making him taller than all other tattooists. His tattoos will surely bring a smile on your face as well as they will take you back to your childhood. For me his tattoos rejuvenate the child heart lurking inside me. Let’s see what fuels the fire in him to bring out such cute masterpieces on the canvas of skin, through this interview with him. Disha Singh: Let's start with your first rendezvous with the art. When did it started and how? Lionel: Hi, since the beginning and as far as I do remember, my mom brought us to see any kind of exhibitions... we were living in a poor and very industrial city but there were lots of exhibitions with free admittance and my mom always tr

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