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Electric Soul Tattooing Studio of the Week

Posted by Disha Singh on November 1, 2007

("T" Massari and Alexandria Massari) For this Halloween I was searching for some scary tattoos and you won't believe - at Electric Soul Tattooing, Lancaster, California, I found many such tattoos. The studio is owned by a couple - "T" Massari and Alexandria Massari. The couple has owned this studio since 2003 and is pretty successful in this profession and passion of body art. "T" Massari is a multifaceted tattooist and you can etch anything from animals to nature, old school to new school and from traditional, portraits to religious. His wife Alexandria Massari is a tattooist as well as a piercer and if you looking for floral tattoo then friends I would suggest her name because she is very good at it. But, we cannot limit her artistry to only this style as like her husband even she is a versatile and has a fine hand for inking oriental, fantasy, native cultural, nature, old school - traditional, religious, sports, etc. Except for inking she is very good at poking and can poke

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