Piercings and Tattoos

The world of Body Art from Disha’s eyes

About PNT

Piercings aNd Tattoos dot com (PNT) is a dive into the world of body art or you can say body decoration. Update yourself with the latest comings and goings in the world of body modification.

PNT is updated and owned by Disha Singh, who has been writing for various other body art as well as other blogs. She got passionate about body art when she first saw a black design on her grandpa’s hand. This design arouse curiosity in her mind and when she acknowledged that the design was a tattoo – she became more passionate about this art and started digging more into the body decoration art. After interviewing many tattoo artists, piercers, body art freaks and many others associated in this field, she filled her brain and now, is here to share her mind and latest goings-on in this body art world with you.

Every day we learn something and this is a blog which drill deep into this field with readers’ participation allowing them to submit their views and reveal their body piercing, tattoos, scarification or any other body art.