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Tattooist Inks Blunder on a Cats fan

Posted by Disha Singh
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Recently, a Phuket tattooist inked an extraordinary tattoo on the arms of a Geelong supporter. Poor Neville had never thought that his idea of celebrating the team’s premiership victory with a tattoo would leave everyone mocking at him.

He spent around $150 to get his team inked as “Gay Premiers 2007” 😆 – misspelled “Day”.

The tattooist opened doors of his stupidity when he inked exactly same words from a piece of paper on which Neville had clearly instructed what to be tattooed on right and left arm under the heading: “Right Arm” and “Left Arm”. The tattooist became the king of all copy-cats when he copied the “Right Arm” and “Left Arm” also, which were written on the paper to make the delineation clearer.

Last year something similar happened for which the tattooist was sued by the customer who wanted a Boca Juniors logo on his back but got a lewd penis tattoo by the tattooist because the artist was a supporter of River Plate– Boca Juniors rival. Poor guy could not see what his artist was inking on his back, as he was not provided with a mirror. 😆

Therefore, it’s a humble request to keep a vigilant eye on your artist before he/she gives you a remorseful body art.



Beyonce’s New Henna Tattoo: A Cool Do

Posted by Disha Singh
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Beyonce’s New Henna Tattoo
Image Courtesy

Last week Beyonce was spotted in a henna tattoo on her right forearm when she arrived at Halim Perdanakusuma airport in Jakarta, Indonesia. She looked stunningly hot with the new tattoo.

Henna body art is a tradition that has been practiced for over a 1000 years. Actually, Henna Tattooing is considered very auspicious and is very prominent in the Middle East countries. Every celebration bring along henna tattooed hands of the ladies. Similar to permanent tattoos, there is a sky rocket growth in the henna tattooing craze. Whether it is Eid or Diwali, Karva Chauth (a fast taken by married ladies for long lives of their husbands) or wedding; henna plays an important role.

There is a special ceremony called “mehndi ki rasam” before the wedding day, in which henna tattoo designs are drawn on brides’ hands and feet – where the color is darkest because the skin contains higher levels of keratin, with which the colorant of henna enters a permanent bind. These days the fashion of “Bridal Mehndi” is growing in complexity and elaboration, with new innovations in glitter, gilding, and fine-line work. The length of henna tattoos have grown upward from hands to arms and from feet to legs depending upon personal choice.

There are various henna designs available in the market like Arabian mehndi, Indian mehndi, shaded mehndi, etc. each design is exceptional in it’s own way. The cost of the design depends upon the selection of design and area to be covered. Bridal mehndi is expensive than other ordinary designs.

Henna tattoo by disha singh.

For henna tattooing you don’t need to undergo any pain and the procedure is so simple that even you can perform it at home:

1. Take 100 grams of sifted henna powder mix sieved lemon juice, 10 grams essential oil like lavender – for sensitive skin, tea tree, ravensara, or cajeput oils into it.

2. Prepare a paste of this mixture by adding sieved tea leaves water (made by boiling tea leaves in water).

3. Stir the mixture well to avoid lumps formation and then leave it for couple of hours till henna releases dye i.e. when brown puddles are seen on henna.

4. Fill the henna into a plastic cone, make a small hole into the tip of the cone and your henna tattoo gun is ready to tan you. Instead of so much of botheration you may buy a cone – readily available in the market, but some are allergic to the dye used in them, therefore, here is DIY henna tattoo.

5. Stencil the design onto your hands and fill the design with the henna cone.

6. Make sure that henna touches your skin so that it can tan properly.

7. After the design is made let the henna dry on your skin.

8. Then with the help of cotton swap moisten your henna design with a mixture of sugar and lemon juice – to keep it sticking to your skin. Do not put this mixture on wet henna design otherwise, it will spread the design.

9. Leave the henna on your skin for atleast 5-6 hours or overnight and then let it fall off on its own – do not bring the tattooed portion in contact with water for atleast 18 hours.

10. Do not panic if the starting color of your henna tattoo is pumpkin orange because the real dark color will appear after a day.

Except from tattooing – henna has various medicinal qualities. Anyways, we are here to discuss its body adornment feature only.

For this Diwali, I wish you very happy and safe DIY henna tattooing on this festival. Do not include those materials to which you are allergic in your henna paste.

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Amazing Fishes on the Skin

Posted by Disha Singh
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Amazing Fish Tattoo on Side
(Three Fish Tattoo on Right Side)

By and largely we see a fish tattoo in a Japanese style and they are very colorful. Today, here is an eye-candy for you by Mez at Tainted Hearts Custom tattoo shop in Colorado.

The tattoo is undeniably awesome and a black work masterpiece in itself. I admit, I have seen many tattoos but this is the one which has made a mark in my mind.
Awesome Fish Tattoo on Left Side
(Tattoo on Left Side of the same person)

However, tattooing on the chest or ribcage is very painful but who would not like to take pains for such beautiful gain. The painful experience varies from person to person as some people have greater resilience to bear it.

If you follow few tips then you can get a tattoo in less pain: Before getting yourself etched you can have a pain killer to subside it otherwise properly relax yourself during the process of tattooing and forget that it’s hurting because all these pains will soon be wiped-off as your tattoo is healed.